Swift, PHP and MySQL Video Course


If you are building your app with Swift, PHP and MySQL  and  spending a lot of time searching the internet for little pieces of Swift code and PHP code and MySQL tutorials to learn how to put it all together into your first mobile application and it is just so much confusing then I’ve got great news for you. I’ve just published a course of 40  step-by-step videos that will help you implement your very first features like: 

  • User Sign up, Sign in, Password Reset, Email verification, Profile photo upload  and  much more.

In these 40  step by step videos you will learn:

  •  How to build user interface for User registration pages,
  •  How to run SQL queries like SELECT, DELETE and INSERT,
  •  How to integrate into your Swift app Objective C open source projects,
  • And you will also learn how to create a sliding left side navigation menu for your app,
  • And you will create a new MySQL database and new database tables

Another beauty of this course is that it will evolve.  I will be adding more and more videos and you will get a lifetime access to all of them.

Today I’m offering you a lifetime access to this course for 76% off! You can get a $79 course for $19 only.  Only first 50 students who will enroll will be able to get this course with this big discount.

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If you think that $19 is too much for your education, just think how much time it will save you searching internet for different tutorials on how to build these features piece by piece. And how much faster you can complete these features when you have them all explained to you all in one course.

If this course is not what you needed, you can get your $19 back with no questions asked.

It is a great deal for you! It absolutely worth it! 

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Swift, PHP & MySQL. User Sign Up, Sign In, Sign out and more

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Swift programming with PHP and MySQL