iOS Push Notifications with Swift and Parse

Not a while ago I created a video course on Swift Programming with Parse: Practical Examples, which covers features like: User Sign up, Sign in, Sign out, Email verification, Password reset and many other useful features. Thanks to all who have enrolled into this course and thank you for all of your messages and kind word. You are awesome! I am truly happy to see how my video lessons help you build your first apps and I am truly happy to be a part of it.  

I am striving to make my course even more valuable for my students and I continue to add more video lessons to it. And now I have added an entirely new section on Sending and Receiving Push Notifications. If you are a current student of this course, check out the new section “Sending and Receiving Push Notifications”.

If you did not have a chance to enrol into this course yet, then today is your lucky day. Just because you are a reader of my blog I am inviting you to enrol into this course for a special price of $9 only: Check it out! It absolutely worth it! 

Below are 3 videos which are part of this video course. I hope these videos are useful to you.

Generate Apple Push Services Certificate 

Create Development and adHoc Provisioning Profiles 

Enable Push Notifications in Parse